#Visual Poetry... "Mystic's Dream"

Loreena Mckennitt

"The Mystic's Dream" Lyrics:

A clouded dream on an earthly night
Hangs upon the crescent moon
A voiceless song in an ageless light
Sings at the coming dawn
Birds in flight are calling there
Where the heart moves the stones
It's there that my heart is calling
All for the love of you

A painting hangs on an ivy wall
Nestled in the emerald moss
The eyes declare a truce of trust
And then it draws me far away
Where deep in the desert twilight
Sand melts in pools of the sky
When darkness lays her crimson cloak
Your lamps will call me home

And so it's there my homage's due
Clutched by the still of the night
And now I feel you move
Every breath is full
So it's there my homage's due
Clutched by the still of the night
Even the distance feels so near

All for the love of you.


Mexico : Quintana Roo

Bañado por aguas del Mar Caribe, Quintana Roo ofrece a sus visitantes una belleza natural imponente en medio de un ambiente lleno de historia y diversión; ejemplos perfectos son los destinos de la Riviera Maya y Cancún.

A lo largo de su territorio se extienden zonas turísticas tan populares como Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Holbox, la Isla Contoy (Reserva de la Biósfera que requiere un permiso especial para ser visitada) y Puerto Morelos. También existen varios parques naturales que conforman la afamada Riviera Maya, en la que se puede disfrutar de la vegetación tropical mientras se realizan actividades diversas en sus playas, cenotes o reservas ecológicas.

Surounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Quintana Roo is one of the states of Mexico that offers visitors an exceptional natural beauty amidst surroundings full of history and plenty of fun, exemplified to perfection by the Riviera Maya and Cancun.

The experience of enjoying one of its exquisite traditional dishes, suffused with Mayan flavors and seafood from its coasts where the turquoise waters of the sea contrast with the white of the sand, or contemplating the sunset with one of its famed pyramids in front of you, explain why these lands are considered by some to be a piece of paradise

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