Palenque ..Chiapas Mexico ..Vast, mysterious and enchanting

Lugar sagrado
En tierra de hombre..
Donde el agua y la flor
Se hacen uno
Donde el Puma protege
El canto de los antepasados

En este lugar
Donde nace el cielo y la tierra...

Ch'ul awilal
Ta sk'inal yu'un ants-winik..
Banti te ja' sok te nichim
Junax yak'sbaik
Banti te choje skanantay
Te sk'ayoj yu'un te chich me'el-mamal
Ja in yawil to
Banti x-a'in te ch'ulchane sok te balumilale...


A Spanish word for "fortification". An ancient name for the city was Lakam Ha, which translates as "Great Water", for the springs and small rivers which flow from the site. Palenque was the capital of the important classic-age Mayan city-state of B'aakal (Bone).
Palenque is located at the edge of the jungle overlooking the flood plain of the Rio Usumacinta, Palenque is definitely one of the most beautiful sites in all of Mesoamerica. Probably the richest and most elaborate tomb ever discovered in Mexico is located in the Temple Of Inscriptions at Palenque. This beautiful ruined city is set among the steep foothills and dense jungles at the base of the Chiapas Highlands.
Vast, mysterious and enchanting, the ruined city of Palenque is considered to be the most beautifully conceived of the Mayan city-states and one of the loveliest archaeological sites in the world. Its geographic setting is splendid beyond words. Nestled amidst steep and thickly forested hills, the ruins are frequently shrouded in thick mists. A cool stream meanders through the city center and from the temple summits there are stupendous views over an immense coastal plain. Here and there, piercing the dark green forests, soar great pyramids, towers and sprawling temple complexes. In its period of cultural florescence Palenque was even more beautiful, for then its limestone buildings were coated with white plaster and painted in a rainbow of pastel hues. Hidden deep in the jungle, the ruin's existence was unknown until 1773. Even then, Palenque was rediscovered and lost several times until 1841 when the explorers John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, with their evocative writings and drawings, introduced this jewel of Mayan architecture to the world.
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